Monday, March 8, 2010

I Finally Feel Better

Today was my first day feeling better after my awful head cold. I ran 4miles after work. It felt good but my stamina feels like it has weakened because of my cold. Hopefully with some good workouts this week I will gain it back. I can't believe the marathon is 13 days away. I feel like its going so fast. I am really nervous and scared. Tapering feels good but I am loosing my confidence in my distance running. I think i will gain it back as this week goes along and running starts to feel better after my cold.

13 days! CRAZY. I will be focusing on my food and my runs this week. My goal is to run 26 miles this week at the least. Today I ran four in 42mins and 23seconds. Hopefully I will run faster as the week goes on and I rebuild my strength. I am also going to weight train 6 days this week.

Very excited. Very nervous. Very excited. I wish Scott Jurek was going to be there.

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