Sunday, February 28, 2010

The next step

Yesterday was the last long run I will do before our marathon in 21 days! We ran 17miles but i'm not sure how long it took me. My legs felt like they had been threw the washer machine. I don't think I fully recovered from my 24mile run last weekend. I think its just been a solid two weeks of a good amount of miles from 47 miles last week and 35 this week.  I am very excited about our 21 days of tapering. I think I will focus on having faster runs and also doing a lot more weight training to keep up my muscle tone. Very excited for the extra time to recover and focus on other things. I am also going to try to eat dairy only on Sundays. Leslie and I are going to do it together. Tomorrow I am going to start planning out some meals and keeping a long of what I am eating.  I am going to try and see what Scott Jurek is talking about.

 I am so jealous of the Mardi Gras Marathoners today I hope they had a great run. It looked like a really fun marathon. The weather has been awful but I am hopeful that its on the up. I just hope that the sun will be out during our marathon. 

I'm off to watch the very exciting hockey game with Canada and the United States, its getting really good.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Thursday end up being usually a good running day for me. For some reason I am able to push myself to go faster on Thursdays. This Thursday was pretty good. Yesterday I had a really hard 9mile run with Leslie after work. I just felt like I couldn't do it for some reason. I felt beaten before I even started.

Today I ran inside on the treadmill. I ran only 4.12 miles, I had intended to do more but got lazy at the end. I ran the 4.12 is 40min which is good but I want to be running faster on my short runs. I have a goal that is feeling more and more out of my reach as the days go by. My goal is to train to run 9min miles for the Broad Street run on May 2nd, 2010. I am feeling a bit over-whelmed by my goal but I want to keep reaching for it because whether or not I reach it I know it will challeng me to build my speed. I will end up faster either way then I am now.

Thinking about the progress I want to make has me looking back at the progress that I have made. When I started running in late September for the Philly Half Marathon I was struggling to run at all and my pace was a 12min mile at the fastest. Now if I am not concentrating on running a distance I can run a 10min mile if I focus. So maybe I can build off of my experience and growth to make a really large improvement in my speed.

I am mainly focusing on the Marathon that is now 24 days away! I am thinking about food and my eating patterns for the next 24 days. Today Leslie (my running comrade) and I mapped out the rest of our training! I am so nervous and excited. My nerves have me searching for reassurance and information. So I stumbled upon some great information. I listened to a really great radio show with Scott Jurek (hero) and Chris McDougall (person who gave me such good information) that was on Doctors forum. Check it out:

After listening to the show I am thinking about being a vegan for 21 days and trying to visualize running more than 26.2miles which Scott has done over and over and over again. He has run 100miles races in the mountains and the heat. I'll be just running in the mild Virgina Beach flat marathon, how wimpy! Maybe one day i'll be as hard core. I am feeling excited about all of the growth and miles I have to go! THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rain rain and more windy rain.

Today and yesterday's plans of running have been ruined. Usually the weather wouldn't keep me from running but the last few days have been miserable. I have become addicted to running. My days haven't felt satisfying without it. I feel like I'm forgetting to do something but wait no I've made a decision not to run, I'm not forgetting.  I have really missed it. As long as the weather improves and my resilience is refound i will run the next four days and rest on Sunday. After this week Leslie and I start tapering to reserve our strength for the SHAMROCK MARATHON!

Instead of running I have been cooking. Yesterday I made falafel and today I made saag paneer, i think that both were a success. I have made falafel many times but saag paneer was completely new. If I had a camera I would have posted a picture. I followed a recipe very loosely. Using alot of garlic, onions, spinach, cumin, curry, marsala, salt, kefir, and yogurt. It was not as rich as what i have eaten at a restaurant but delicious anyway.

Goodnight friends! I need to sleep in order to accomplish the runs i have planned for this week. I will report back soon on my progress.

Monday, February 22, 2010

25 days 8hrs ...

This blog will have some stories about my life and my journey to out-run the antelope..everyday. Determination has become a close friend of mine.

Over the last 6 months I have taken up running. I have never been a runner in my life but always fantasized about having the ability to run because it felt good. I am beginning to get there. Last week I had a break through. I ran 10 miles three days in a row and ran my longest distance ever of 24miles. In total I ran 47 miles last week. I believe my breakthrough happened for a variety of reasons. 1) I made all of my runs and added miles 2) I read most of "Born to Run" by Christopher McDougall. I am completely obsessed and inspired by the ultra runners and the Tarahumara tribe in Copper Canyons of Mexico. The book has many inspiring ideas and stories about running and the anthropological reasons why humans are meant to run long distance (hence my blog title "out-runningtheantelopes").  Here is a link to a Washington Post article about the book: Book Review "born to run"-Washington Post. I recommend everyone read it! It really inspired me to think differently about a bunch of things in my life. I believe running is a big reason that the last 6 months of my life have been so enjoyable. The endorphins are real!