Sunday, February 28, 2010

The next step

Yesterday was the last long run I will do before our marathon in 21 days! We ran 17miles but i'm not sure how long it took me. My legs felt like they had been threw the washer machine. I don't think I fully recovered from my 24mile run last weekend. I think its just been a solid two weeks of a good amount of miles from 47 miles last week and 35 this week.  I am very excited about our 21 days of tapering. I think I will focus on having faster runs and also doing a lot more weight training to keep up my muscle tone. Very excited for the extra time to recover and focus on other things. I am also going to try to eat dairy only on Sundays. Leslie and I are going to do it together. Tomorrow I am going to start planning out some meals and keeping a long of what I am eating.  I am going to try and see what Scott Jurek is talking about.

 I am so jealous of the Mardi Gras Marathoners today I hope they had a great run. It looked like a really fun marathon. The weather has been awful but I am hopeful that its on the up. I just hope that the sun will be out during our marathon. 

I'm off to watch the very exciting hockey game with Canada and the United States, its getting really good.

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