Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Love Letter to Running

Dear Running,

You have been so good to me and I appreciate the pain and the happiness that you have brought me. I am so glad I found you nine months ago. You have changed me and my life. I have decreased the amount of miles a week I have been doing significantly. Now that the Broad Street run is over I can start to focus back on distance. I don’t want to lose my speed but I want to go back to weeks where I will run a minimum of 35miles. I feel good when I run distance. I am excited about running in the summer after Broad Street. It was challenging but it felt good. I am going to use running as a way to find focus this summer as change happens all around me. I feel good and I want to keep feeling good. You help this. I miss you even though I haven’t stopped but I have been running less because of stress in other parts of my life. Running, I’m coming back to ya.
love, lea.

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