Sunday, December 5, 2010

Philadelphia Half Marathon

Its been 2 weeks since my Philadelphia half marathon. I meant to write earlier when everything was fresh in mind but It got lost in many other tasks. The run was great! I did it in 2:23mins.

I feel really good about my time because its such an improvement from last year. I also hardly trained for the half marathon and it felt easy... until the last hill that took me to the last 1.5miles, then it was difficult. It was really astonishing how good I felt throughout the run. Miles 1-8 were a joy! Yes a JOY! I love this course because it takes you through the some of the best parts of Philadelphia.

Unfortunately, I have let myself go since half marathon. There was Thanksgiving, and then... I got a cold... So I am starting running today. I plan to run four miles. I am going to try and run 4-5 times a week until the Shamrock Marathon in Virgina Beach.

Also, Leslie recently moved to DC making it pretty hard for us to run together. We are going to use the blog to keep each other motivated so when you notice someone writing with superior knowledge of the English language, you will know that it is Leslie.

Hopefully In my next post I will be able to tell you how my butt I have been kicking by running.


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  1. Congrats & running 5 days a week is an excellent plan. It's working well for me. Can't wait to hear how you do at Shamrock!